2020 Colorado Railways: Rockies by Rail

2020 Colorado Railways: Rockies by Rail

2020 Insider's Rail Tour of Germany

Highlights Include

  • Rub shoulders with global industry insiders
  • Unique charters including freight mileage
  • Unrestricted access to Innotrans 2020 Berlin
  • OBB Night Jet sleeper car journey
  • RDC Autozug journey to Sylt
  • 600mm narrow gauge island railway “Lorenbahn”
  • Narrow gauge lines in Dresden area
  • Steamboat journey along the Elbe River
  • Private charter with Swiss electric locomotive “Crocodile”
  • Miniatur Wunderland
  • Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nürnberg
  • Tour of Deutsche Bahn ICE facility
  • Cultural experiences such as making incense cones in the Ore Mountains, walking along vineyards in Radebeul, local wine & beer tasting, and guided tours of Bamberg, Nürnberg, Berlin and Dresden
  • 15-day first class Eurail global pass
  • Free time in Munich to enjoy Oktoberfest

Join Special Interest Tours along with Trains Magazine and Railroad Development Corp. on this very unique trip, designed by industry insiders, featuring exclusive rail experiences across Germany.

Day 1 - Arrive by air or rail to Frankfurt Airport. SIT staff will greet you, checking you into the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. Relax before meeting your fellow travelers and our Trains Magazine host at our welcome dinner.

Day 2 - Head out early for a day of private charters on Bahn Touristik Express and Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz before arriving to Nürnberg.

Day 3 - Get acquainted with Nürnberg on a historic tram ride tour of the city. Round out the day with a visit to the Deutsche Bahn Museum.

Day 4 – Head to Berlin for a guided tour of the city and a special meal with fellow railroad aficionado Rabbi Walter Rothschild.

Day 5 – Spend the day exploring the Innotrans 2020 biannual rail industry event.

Days 6-8 – Travel to Dresden for an extended stay exploring the old city and the nearby narrow gauge lines.

Days 9-10 – Make your way to the island regions in northwest Germany. Ride the Autozug, an island railway Lorenbahn, and enjoy local seafood.

Day 11 – Spend the day in Hamburg with a guided tour of Miniatur Wunderland and a delicious dinner before boarding our cabins for the overnight journey to Zurich on the OBB Night Jet.

Day 12 – Experience the wonder of the Swiss electric locomotive “Crocodile” on our private charter before making our way to Munich for an informative meal with Kurt Bauer from OBB.

Day 13 – Visit the Deutsche Bahn ICE maintenance facility before our farewell meal. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring Munich on the last weekend of Oktoberfest.

Day 14 – Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and prepare to head home.

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Insider's Rail Tour of Germany

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