Seeing the world is our specialty.

"Educational and spectacular! This truly exhilarating, phenomenal experience
     fundamentally changed my life forever!" -Northern Lights 2015 Guest

For over 20 years, Special Interest Tours has successfully taken thousands of people to both familiar and exotic parts of the world, to experience unique aspects of nature and culture. From little known urban curiosities, to rare breathtaking natural events (Solar Eclipses, Northern Lights etc). Special Interest Tours offers a wide range of breathtaking experiences. Since 2011 alone, our guests have ventured to the most stunning parts of southernmost New Zealand, central Alaska, the Australian tropics and the Atacama desert of Chile, to name a few. Accompanied by experts in specific fields, we will travel to some of the most fascinating places in the world to experience astronomical events such as grand auroral displays, as well as to locations that complement an existing hobby, passion, or profession—or inspire a new one! Based on 20 years of experience conducting such tours, we promise safe, comfortable journeys to exceptional destinations. Check out our upcoming tours to find one that’s perfect for you!